Student recruitment - attracting the brightest and best

Jun 11, 2019

Our 2019 student recruitment programme includes a strong suite of initiatives to support all entry routes across the island. The programme includes strategies across five distinct workstreams building on yearly experience, insights and market intelligence. These work streams include our client relationship engagement, brand activities, second level, third level and lead generation.

 The overarching aim of the programme is to support the recruitment of the brightest and best into the profession. All of these activities use the “secure your success” platform and tell real-world member stories, demonstrate the global mobility of the qualification, explain the educational quality and flexibility to position the profession for the future.

There are two training options that prospective students can take to qualify as a Chartered Accountant a Training Contract or the Flexible route. Both options lead to the Chartered Accountancy qualification. Students take the same subjects, sit the same exams and are required to get the same practical work experience, the key difference with the flexible route is that the education and experience elements do not have to run concurrently.

Focus on lead generation advertising campaign

During the summer months our advertising targets the individual considering the qualification and our client relationship team are out engaging with practice, business and the public sector to support and drive student numbers along with promoting the wider services and supports the Institute can provide.

The summer advertising campaign focuses on our members. These advocates tell their story on how they considered the qualification and how they went about qualifying. An example of one of the insights that advocates are addressing in the campaign is from Lucy Maher ACA, Google.

Question: Can you see how someone who is not an accountant might benefit from this qualification?

“Absolutely, accountancy is a practical skill that is useful in any role. Everyone works with budgets and finances and cross functional skills are a huge selling point in larger companies. Look at the number of C level executives who have a background in Chartered Accountancy.”

Advertising activities

This all island advertising campaign was launched in early June across digital channels including google and social ads which will run throughout the summer, into September. Radio advertising will be aired from Mid- July into August. New innovations will be tested across all media channels, for example digital (programmatic) ads will play across relevant podcast targeting audiences who are interested in education and learning categories. All of the above activity will be supported by PR and media coverage.

Listen to our radio/ podcast advertisement.

Examples of digital advertising

NEWS BODY - 2019 Student recruitment attracting the brightest and best 01-min

NEWS BODY - 2019 Student recruitment attracting the brightest and best 02-min

Our digital and radio advertising is part of a wide-ranging campaign that includes events in Dublin, Belfast and Cork. Find out more on events.

In addition to all of this activity we have a dedicated team dealing with inbound queries over the phone, via email, live chat and in person as well as an outbound programme driving traffic to the institute site to encourage enrolment for September 2019.  

Campaign hero video

Meet our advocates

CTA - Lucy Maher-min

Lucy Maher

CTA - Marta Saltarska-min

Marta Saltarska

CTA - Nadia Kuhteva-min

Nadia Kuhteva

CTA - Ross Langan-min

Ross Langan

CTA - Shaun McGlade-min

Shaun McGlade

CTA - Vera Sackitey-min

Vera Sackitey

Find out more about our advocates.

Getting involved

If you know someone considering an accountancy qualification, or if you are considering taking on a trainee we are here to support, so please spread the word and get in touch.