Accountancy Europe: 5 keys steps for accountants to guide SMEs

Apr 02, 2020

The March Newsletter of Accountancy Europe is now available. 

COVID-19: 5 key steps for accountants to guide SMEs through the crisis
Coronavirus crisis: implications on reporting and auditing
Coronavirus resources for European accountants
Coronavirus crisis: 15 actions for governments to protect European SMEs

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Stories from Practice
Eco-tourism and Sustainable Finance in Suriname by Eelco van der Enden from NBA

Reforming the tax system

Call to Action on Climate Change
News of the Joint Campaign with A4S: the call to action in response to climate change, of which Chartered Accountants Ireland are also a signatory

Event summary
Towards a global non-financial reporting standard setter

Annual Report 2019
European IPO Report 2020

Policy Updates
Audit Policy
Sustainable Finance
Consultation responses
IIRC's International IR Framework 2020 Revision