Activate your mind and your learning with case studies

Dec 03, 2018

Get thinking!

If the thought of sitting in a room full of 12 or 13 strangers for an hour talking about all things tax fills you with horror, don’t worry…

When we ask people what they liked most and found most valuable about their experience of Chartered Tax Consultant (CTC™), this experience is what they consistently rate the highest.

The case studies you receive for each module will be realistic tax scenarios with the aim of making you think  for yourself with the benefit of the experience of those strangers. As a group you will read it, discuss it, share your previous experiences, offer opinions, take a few wild guesses, think out loud…it’s your opportunity to get it wrong amongst people who will quickly go from strangers to friends.

Facilitator-led problem-solving

Case studies are led by a facilitator working in tax and they will guide you through the scenario to keep the conversation and deliberations moving in the right direction, on topic and to time. You will all have legislation in front of you that will be the ultimate guide and decider. You will gain great confidence in reading, understanding, interpreting and applying this to arrive at a solution. And this is where the confidence comes in. No situation will be totally identical so learning one approach to one scenario may not equip you adequately to solve a similar yet different problem. But knowing the legislation means you can work out a strategy as individual as the client or problem in front of you.

Finding an answer, not a solution

For this reason, on leaving the room you will not necessarily have a “right” answer in your hand to learn off and reproduce. After your case study session, we release a process solution which is the steps to take – the legislative references and so on – that would lead you to the solution. We want you to think for yourself, not rattle off what you remember and making the problem fit the pre-learned solution. Thinking creatively, confidently and strategically will bring you to the answer in most situations, no matter what the precise scenario is. You are of course welcome in these sessions to stay quiet, watch and listen and absorb what the others are saying, but participation will certainly help with your confidence to speak up in front of others at work. There is no grading involved with these sessions so you can relax and give it a try - this is not a test.

Assessment preparation

Another great perk to these case studies is that they mirror the format of assignments and exams within the programme. From a practical point of view, what this means is that when it comes to sitting down and tackling any assessment it will be less daunting considering you will have a familiarity with this format which can help with your approach and timing.

What's the verdict?

It might help to hear a little of what other people have said having done this:

“The case study sessions [are] a good way for all professionals to learn to engage with other professionals in a learning exercise without feeling inhibited…I SHOULD HAVE DONE IT MUCH SOONER!” – Mark

The lectures, case study sessions and assignments are a great way to help you really understand tax issues and not just cram or learn off information for the sake of passing an exam.” – Seamus

Other specialist qualifications use case studies of varying styles to encourage collaboration, discussion and creative problem solving. These transferable skills are what will set you apart within your role, at interview and make you an asset on any team.

Our next intake of Chartered Tax Consultant is in January 2019 for which bookings are closing before Christmas; other specialist qualifications for spring 2019 are open for booking now.