Autumn Tax Deadline Crisis

Sep 09, 2020

Accountants working in practice have provided an essential public service assisting businesses in accessing Government COVID-19 wage supports and grants. Firms have taken on this extra workload while also dealing with a workflow disruption of up to eight weeks due to the Government public health restrictions, and like other small and medium-size businesses all over the country, many firms have been working with a reduced complement of staff over the summer due to health and safety concerns and childcare constraints.  In addition, accountants tell us of delays in getting access to client premises to carry out essential audit work.  This has all culminated in firms facing a race against the clock this Autumn to get tax returns submitted by the deadlines. 

Members in practice from all over the country have been in contact with us in recent weeks telling us of the huge work pressures they face and resourcing constraints in meeting the tax deadlines.  This is a challenge also facing members of our fellow CCAB-I accountancy bodies.   

Chartered Accountants Ireland and the CCAB-I have made representations to the Government and to Revenue on the deadline crisis facing accountants.  In the CCAB-I Pre-Budget 2021 submission and Chartered Accountants Ireland publication The Next Financial Year, we have called for a suspension of surcharges over the corporation tax deadline for 23 September and the income tax deadline for 12 November.  These publications were distributed to all TDs and Senators and to the Government.  

Chartered Accountants Ireland under the auspices of the CCAB-I has made representations to Revenue through the TALC forum and we set out the issues in advance for Revenue in a letter which was discussed at the Main TALC meeting yesterday.

We understand that Revenue are considering the continued availability of the surcharge suspension for Corporation Tax returns.

We will update you on this important matter via our website, Tax News and Chartered Accountants eNews.

 Deferred launch of CRO customer portal

We represented members concerns with the Companies Registration Office (CRO) on its plans to launch a new CORE customer portal at this difficult time for accountants and companies.  The CRO has acted on our representations and announced the postponement of the implementation of the CORE portal until December 2020 after the key filing periods have passed. We will keep you updated on further developments.

The CRO held several webinars on the Digital Transformation programme.  Please see a recording of the webinar and the subsequent Q&A for further information.


Thank you for your invaluable feedback and we will continue to lobby for the suspension of surcharges.


Norah Collender

Professional Tax Leader