Brexit in Brief, 3 August 2018

Aug 02, 2018

Things have quietened down on the Brexit front as the politicians take their summer break. We bring you a shorter, but nonetheless interesting, list of Brexit developments this week.

  • EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier calls for an orderly Brexit saying that if the border on the island of Ireland can be solved, a meaningful future partnership between the EU and the UK can be scoped out 
  • UK Prime Minister will reportedly meet French leader Emmanuel Macron today to urge him to soften France’s approach to Brexit
  • Has the EU softened its stance on the UK’s plan for financial services?
  • A no deal Brexit would be detrimental for the UK’s car industry, says Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders
  • Central Bank of Ireland warns business to prepare for the risks of a hard Brexit
  • Lord Mayor of London says jobs hit to financial services sector will be less than feared