CA Support: You can count on us this Blue Monday

Jan 17, 2020

As we approach Blue Monday (Monday 20 January), we are conscious of those in our profession who may be struggling with their mental health.  We know that 1 in 4 of us will face a mental health challenge at some point in our lives and this year someone close to us, at home or at work, may need our help.  Anxiety or depression, bereavement, illness, family crisis or unexpected unemployment can happen to any one of us when we least expect it. Here at  CA Support we offer emotional and practical assistance to any member or student who encounters an unexpected difficulty in their lives.

Since our re-launch last year, those engaging with our services have increased 50% in the last six months alone. Through your generous donations, we want to continue to help members dealing with these issues, not just in January but at any time in their careers.  We support them through a wide range of free services including professional counselling, wellness coaching, along with a new website providing 100s of articles on key topics affecting members in our community. We also run regular wellbeing workshops, open to all members and students and tailored to the unique challenges of the accountancy profession.  These will help to build resilience while optimising mental and physical health throughout 2020.

Help us so we can help them.

If you or someone you know needs help, get in touch on 01 637 7342 or 086 024 3294.  For more information, visit our website here.