CAP2 June 2019 exam results released

Aug 16, 2019

Chartered Accountants Ireland published the CAP2 June 2019 exam results this morning.  Overall the results are very good and are in line with the good performances achieved in June 2018.  

In reviewing the results Ian Browne (Head of Assessment & Syllabus) noted:

  • 67% of students achieved a pass in all papers sat with a further 22% achieving a credit (i.e. passing one or more of papers sat).  This compares to 70% and 20% in 2018.  The number of students failing all subjects sat increased to 11% (10% in June 2018);
  • Paper pass rates:  The pass rates on individual papers are broadly in line with the good performances of June 2018. The weighted average pass rate across all papers (1st attempts only) was 83% which was 84% in 2018;
  • The flexible route candidates have continued to perform well;
  • The distance education offerings have also performed well. 

Mr Browne congratulated all students on their achievement and he thanked all the training firms, lecturers, examiners and staff for their contribution towards this excellent result.

Summary of CAP2 June 2019 exam results