Chartered Accountants Ireland unveils new education syllabus

Jun 14, 2018

Chartered Accountants Ireland is launching a new education and marketing strategy for students that will strengthen the Chartered Accountant premium position in the market and attract greater numbers of talented graduates to the profession.

The new education programme will be ready for the start of the 2018/19 academic year. Major changes include:

  • Three new final-year (FAE) electives, in Financial Services, Public Sector and Advisory
  • The Public Sector elective will be delivered in collaboration with Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA), while the institute will be working with The Institute of Banking on the Financial Services elective. The existing Advanced Performance Management elective will be re-designed and re-named as ‘Advisory’ to focus on commercial decision-making.
  • A rationalisation of educational materials, and adoption of new technologies to improve education delivery
  • Additional technology and staff supports for students following the Flexible Route, outside a training contract
  • New entry pathways from other recognised professional bodies.

Speaking about the new electives, Chartered Accountants Ireland CEO Barry Dempsey said:

“Chartered Accountants Ireland’s education programme is rightly considered as the gold standard of accountancy training. We are now working to anticipate the future and staying ahead of the demands of employers and the market. The new developments launched today are some of the biggest changes to happen to the Institute’s education programme for several years. The new programme addresses the changing role of the Chartered Accountant. Our new electives will give final year students specialist skills in financial services, public sector finances and consultancy.”

Ronan O’Loughlin, Director of Education at Chartered Accountants Ireland commented, “These developments are also very significant for our training firms and other approved training organisations.  The Institute has worked closely with firms and training managers to design a programme the fits their requirements, and responds to the challenges of a rapidly changing business environment.”

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