Chartered Accountants urge parties to ‘waste no time’ to deliver for economy

Jan 13, 2020

Chartered Accountants Ulster Society has called on the political parties to waste no time in getting the restored institutions to deliver for the economy.

Ulster Society Chairman Richard Gillan said there’s a long list of measures on the ‘to-do’ list that require urgent attention. Health, education, policing, rights issues and investment in roads and water infrastructure are rightly prioritised and speed of delivery will demonstrate commitment and determination.

Mr Gillan welcomed new accountability measures and rules for Ministers and their special advisers, saying the steps were important to restore public confidence and trust.

Mr Gillan said: “There is a clear objective to publish a new strategic level, outcomes-based Programme for Government. This will be informed by detailed stakeholder engagement and Chartered Accountants Ulster Society will want to participate in this important process.

“We will be seeking early meetings with newly appointed Ministers to set out our views and to offer our professional assistance and advice.

“Considerable investment will be required to lift the Northern Ireland economy from the economic doldrums. The lack of leadership for such a long time has had a very negative effect on the local economy, on business confidence and on the provision of public services.

“Our members will be expecting our local politicians to put division aside and to deliver for all the people of Northern Ireland. We are hopeful that this can be the start of a new era of our politicians working positively together to secure a brighter future. The negotiation of ‘additional flexibilities and sensible practical measures’ with regards to trading with the EU, as outlined in the New Decade, New Approach document, must be a priority.”