Chartered Tax Consultant - are you eligible?

May 03, 2019

As our class of 2019 prepare for their Applied Tax exams in a couple of weeks, they will be planning and preparing for stage two of the programme: Integrated Tax which will take them to the full Chartered Tax Consultant (CTC) qualification.

We will shortly start taking applications for CTC 2020 which starts in January 2020 and would welcome your interest in this programme.

Chartered Tax Consultant is a yearlong programme, but you may not be too late to enrol if you are eligible for an exemption. There are a couple of options available.

Firstly and most recently, there is an exemption available for anyone who holds the Advanced Taxation elective from FAE. Contact Amy to find out more about this - the next intake will be June 2019 so there is still time to register your interest.

Secondly, if you hold a tax qualification and are already a Chartered Accountant, you may be eligible to join us this June for Integrated Tax.

If you are interested in joining CTC for 2019, now is the time to check your eligibility and get in touch with us about applying.

See our FAQs and checklist here to see what you are eligible for.

Q. I am a Chartered Accountant but I qualified with another body; am I eligible to apply for Chartered Tax Consultant?

A. Yes; you are welcome to apply for Chartered Tax Consultant if you are a chartered accountant having qualified with Institute of Chartered Accountants Ireland, with CIMA, ACCA, ICAS or ICAEW. 

Q. I am not an accountant. Am I eligible?

A. No; CTC is a qualification aimed at accountants, and this is one of the entry requirements. If you are not a chartered accountant but work in or are interested in tax, you may find our Diploma in Taxation of interest.

Q. I am an accountant but I am not chartered; am I eligible?

A. No; it is written in to the accreditation of the programme that it is only open to chartered accountants so unfortunately other non-chartered accountants will not be eligible. You would be welcome on our Diploma in Taxation, and many accountants and other business and finance professionals have taken this programme.

Q. I took the tax elective within my FAEs; am I eligible for an exemption?

A. Yes! You are eligible to apply for the exemption and should get in touch now if you wish to do so.

Q. I took another elective within my FAEs; am I eligible for an exemption?

A. No. You are of course welcome to apply for CTC 2020 from the beginning though. This is where most people start.

Q. I have not completed my FAEs yet; am I eligible for Chartered Tax Consultant?

A. Yes; once you have successfully completed CAP2, you are welcome to apply for Chartered Tax Consultant. Keep in mind that you will need to have passed FAEs though in order to use the Chartered Tax Consultant designation.

Q. I have completed your Diploma in Taxation; am I eligible for an exemption?

A. Yes; if you have successfully completed our Diploma in Taxation, you will be eligible to apply for an exemption from Applied Tax but you will need to sit and pass the Applied Tax exams in order to avail of this option. You will be sent the books and legislation for Applied Tax and given Moodle access in order to prepare for your exams but will not need to attend classroom sessions nor complete Applied Tax assignments. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about this option.

Q. I am a chartered accountant and since then I received another tax qualification; am I eligible for an exemption?

A. Yes; if you meet the minimum entry criteria (are a chartered accountant) and hold a recognised tax qualification from, for example, Irish Taxation Institute, you may be eligible for exemption from Applied Tax and to proceed directly into Integrated Tax. Please contact us for more information about this.

Q. I completed Applied Tax some time ago but could not carry on to Integrated Tax at the time. Can I do so now?

A. Yes; the programme does not need to be taken in one year. If you have successfully completed Applied Tax, you are welcome to resume the programme and complete Integrated Tax. Get in touch so that we can help you with completing your studies.

If your question is not answered here (and even if it is!) please feel free to get in touch with any other questions about this or any of our programmes.