Cloud accounting is good for your clients (Sponsored)

Dec 03, 2019

You and your clients want the same thing – to work smarter, faster, more collaboratively and efficiently with your teams. For these reasons and others, cloud accounting is a good thing.

Your clients may ask: “So, what is the cloud?” A great example to use is online banking.

Your clients can access online banking from anywhere, any time. They can do the same thing with cloud accounting software. They no longer have to rely on a single hard drive for their financial data. Instead, they can access that data online from wherever they want at any time they would like. That’s that cloud.

Sometimes, though, it’s not that simple. You might have to explain the benefits of cloud computing software with your clients.

The cloud is fun – the desktop is not

Traditional accounting software ties business owners to a single office or desk. It takes up resources and reduces the fun of being in business. However, cloud accounting software lets you work from anywhere. You can use a laptop, tablet or smartphone to access accounts data securely – and all the IT support is handled remotely.

The problem with traditional accounting software

Here are some common issues with desktop products:

  • Accounting information is only fully up-to-date on one machine;
  • Software must be upgraded regularly, often at a cost;
  • The software may only be licensed for use on one computer;
  • Using a USB drive to move data is inconvenient, unreliable and not secure;
  • It can be difficult and slow to access financial data and customer details remotely;
  • The software can be expensive to buy;
  • Adding more users can cost a lot of money; and
  • The pricing may not be transparent, with hidden fees for updates or extra features.

In comparison, here are eight benefits of online accounting software:

  • Financial data flows automatically into the software from bank accounts and other sources;
  • You can access accounts through any device with an internet connection;
  • You have instant review of customer data and information, such as cash flow;
  • You can use powerful tools and applications to process accounting data;
  • It’s easy for all the team to use;
  • It can grow as your clients' businesses grow;
  • There are no more worries about outdated software, IT costs or server outages; and
  • You pay on a simple subscription basis, paying only for the services your clients need.

Make it easy for them and show them this comparison. It will help you explain the key benefits of cloud accounting to your clients. In short, though, it would be easier to tell them that cloud accounting will give them fast access to the information they need to make smart business decisions – from anywhere, at any time. It’s as easy as that.

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