Commission’s proposal to change tax voting system would reduce Member States’ sovereignty says Pascal Donohoe

Feb 11, 2019

Last week, Minister Pascal Donohoe in his opening statement to the Joint Committee on Finance, Public Expenditure and Reform, and Taoiseach addressed the European Commission’s road map which outlines a proposal to change the unanimous system of voting on tax policy to a qualified majority system (QMV).  The Minister said that he does not see the “need for, or merits of”, any proposals to move away from the requirement of unanimity.  And that any move of voting method would reduce Member States’ sovereignty.  Last month, Chartered Accountants Ireland under the auspices of the CCAB-I provided feedback to this road map. The CCAB-I’s submission says that the QMV system would benefit large Member States but would put small Member States like Ireland at a distinct disadvantage.