COVID-19: Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme in numbers

May 11, 2020

There are over 52,600 employers registered with Revenue for the scheme up to 7 May 2020, 1,700 more than there was the previous week.  Over 24,600 more employees received at least one payment under the scheme, bringing the total to over 452,000 employees.  There are 6,500 people who moved off the scheme into to normal employment, largely re-hired by previous employers in manufacturing, wholesale, or construction sectors.  This is according to the latest statistics published by Revenue up to 7 May 2020.  

The recent statistics published by Revenue tell us that the wholesale and retail trade sector continues to have the highest percentage of employers and employees availing of the scheme, followed by the construction sector.

The largest percentage of employees (38 percent) receiving a subsidy under the scheme are in the average net weekly pay range €0 to €412.  In 37 percent of cases, employees average net weekly pay is €586 or more.  In 86 percent of cases, employers are toping up the employees pay. 

Statistics on the scheme are available on the Revenue website.