Survey reveals customs paperwork causing headaches for traders

Jan 21, 2021

Last week, we surveyed a portion of our membership to ascertain how businesses are coping with the new post Brexit trading environment. The overwhelming message that emanated from the survey was that customs paperwork is the biggest difficulty of the new trading environment with over half of respondents appealing for better practical guidance from government to enable them to complete the declarations correctly.  Read on for more insights from the survey and thank you to all those who responded.

40 percent of businesses surveyed have already made changes to their supply chain or business model as a result of the UK’s departure from the EU and well over half of respondents reported disruption to their supply chain caused by issues with customs paperwork and resulting in delays in shipments.  

The East/West border created down the Irish sea and the complexities surrounding the rules of origin were also reported as difficulties and 30 percent of businesses surveyed reported that they have stopped shipping goods through Great Britain as a result.  

The Institute notes members’ need for practical guidance and continues to engage with government officials and other stakeholders in both the UK and Ireland on behalf of members on these and other issues and will keep members updated on all developments.

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