Develop the next generation of accountants (Sponsored)

Oct 17, 2019

The Accounting Technicians Apprenticeship programme offers organisations the opportunity to hire accounting technicians-in-training and grow their talent pipeline within the business.

With applications now open, Accounting Technicians Ireland can source and screen qualified applicants for the potential hiring organisation to interview for a position in their firm. Alternatively, employers can select current staff members who meet the minimum entry requirements for the programme.

How the programme works

Apprentices work in your business four days per week and attend college lectures one day a week in subjects such as financial accounting, business management, law and ethics, taxation and accounting systems.

College tuition is fully funded by the State. Employers pay an apprentice the national minimum wage (€19,000 per annum) and three weeks’ paid study leave per year, which includes exam dates.

The Accounting Technicians Apprenticeship programme is a cost-effective way to recruit and retain staff, and offers current staff members the chance to develop their mentoring and staff development skills in a structured and supportive environment, with opportunities to learn from workplace mentors in other organisations.

Throughout the two years, an apprentice will need to be assigned a workplace mentor to support them in their on the job training. The mentor will need to be a qualified professional accountant or accounting technician. The role of the workplace mentor is to be responsible for the training of the apprentice in the organisation, ensure that the apprentice has exposure to all relevant work experience for the programme, to review and assess the apprentice’s work-based assessments, and liaises with Accounting Technicians Ireland in support of the development of the apprentice. 

The Accounting Technician Apprenticeship programme is part of the national apprenticeship programme and is supported by SOLAS, QQI and the Department of Education and Skills. As such, there is a formal approval process and Accounting Technicians Ireland will guide you through the process.   

Diversify your workforce

Join leading employers recruiting in industry, practice and the public sector by tapping into the vast talent pool the programme offers to diversify your workforce and ensure your organisation has a skilled body of staff that matches the accountancy and finance recruitment needs.

The Accounting Technicians Apprenticeship scheme is currently accepting applications from employers for the January 2020 start date. Lectures for the January 2020 intake will take place in Dublin city centre and will be of particular interest to employers in Dublin and surrounding commuter areas. Applications will open in March 2020 for the September intake nationwide.

“As one of the first participating employers, PKF has experienced first-hand the quality and calibre of the Apprentices joining the Accounting Technicians Apprenticeship programme. It is an excellent foundation to commence a lifelong and fulfilling career in accounting, or indeed business generally, and we would encourage all would be apprentices to get involved in the programme that offers the perfect blend of progressive education and invaluable workplace experience. We would also highly recommend the Accounting Technicians Apprenticeship programme to all businesses as a great way to attract or retain talented professionals in their organisations.”

Dave McGarry – Audit Partner – PKF O’Connor, Leddy & Holmes

Please contact Accounting Technicians Ireland on or 01-6498127 for further details.

(This article is sponsored by Accounting Technicians Ireland.)