Digital Support for Business & Agents, July 2017 update

Jul 31, 2017

The latest Digital Support update is available.

Talking Points

  • The team continue to run a weekly program of Talking Points meetings, providing two opportunities to attend where possible.
  • A variety of subjects were covered in June, including a look at Tax Coding and the Construction Industry Scheme. We also worked in partnership with the Intellectual Property Office, who gave a basic introduction on how to protect the appearance of goods with design registration.
  • Over 2k agents joined us for live Talking Points during June.
  • The monthly ‘re-cap’ email, including links to recent Talking Points recordings, was issued on 20th June to all of those that are subscribed to our weekly invitations, providing them with an opportunity to catch up
  • August’s programme includes a look at National Insurance for the Self-Employed, Changes to Inheritance Tax and the new Trusts Registration Service
  • Our forward-look schedule, publicising Talking Points currently arranged between now and the end of September, will be published on by the end of July. We will of course accommodate other meetings in the programme where we can to meet demand and communicate those opportunities by email. 

Digital Working Together

  • The next and potential last DWT, is scheduled for 26 July 2017. The functions performed by this group are expected to be integrated and undertaken by the introduction of the new Agent Forum (see below), subject to the agreement of the Issues Overview Group (IOG).

Online Agent Forum

  • Following the end of General Election Purdah, the new Agent Forum was rolled out on the 3 July 2017. This is still in private beta testing and will be subject to continuous review. We have received excellent feedback and suggestions within the first two weeks of its operation and we have changed its look and feel, where possible, as a result. Existing Working Together members, IOG/VCG users and members of Professional Bodies (PBs) where initially invited to register. We would actively encourage those who have not joined to sign up and provide feedback. The old system was taken down on 29 June 2017. Case data migration from old to new forums took place prior to the go live date for all Current and Potential Widespread Issues only. The recently formed Digital Support for Businesses and Agents (DSBA) Agent Team made up of Agent Account Managers (AAMs) and Issues Resolution Managers (IRMs) will moderate and run the forum.
  • Any feedback received from VCG will also be shared with the Issues Overview Group at their next meeting. We will also ask IOG for any additional feedback."