Do extroverts or introverts make better leaders?

Sep 10, 2018

An impactful and charismatic leader can command a room and have strong executive presence. Often people assume that extroverts have this greater presence but this can often be a perception bias. Successful, iconic introverted leaders such as; Barack Obama, Marissa Mayer and Bill Gates are proof of this.

Fiona Buckley, lead tutor on our new Certificate in Leadership Essentials asks ‘Do extroverts or introverts make better leaders?’

Yes extroverts are more naturally expressive and more vocal and tend to get energy from other people but there are blind-spots to extroversion too.  Extroverts can often talk too much and need to be more reserved in given situations. In any case, the majority of people tend to be ambiverts- which is the best of both worlds with introverted and extroverted tendencies

NEWS BODY - Do extroverts or introverts make better leaders

Both introverts and extroverted personalities have the potential to be great leaders. The introvert and extrovert spectrum is about preference not performance. The secret sauce here is that good leaders know how to be both and know how to flex into other sides of their personality when the situation requires so. Leaders need to know their own personality type in order to maximise its strengths and be aware of its blindspots so self-awareness is key. Only once they are aware, can they temporarily flex into other sides of their personality preferences .The analogy here is that – if you are right handed, you can learn to write with your left hand. It may feel slow, awkward, wrong at first and that’s what it feels like flexing into other parts of personality traits that are less known to us. Leaders do this all the time. Once you learn to do this, this can benefit all areas of your life.

The Certificate in leadership Essentials includes personality preference resting and delves into this in greater detail.

Everyone on this course undergoes a personal journey into their own leadership style and gets an in-depth view into their strengths and development areas. We are now leading at all levels in our organisations and learning how to have personal impact is such an integral part of any personal development plan

Fiona Buckley, Lecturer and Corporate Trainer, lead tutor