Do you know how to file an STR on goAML?

Mar 31, 2021

Under Irish money laundering legislation, a “designated person” (which includes an auditor, external accountant or tax adviser and a trust or company service provider) who knows or suspects or has reasonable grounds to suspect that another person has been or is engaged in an offence of money laundering or terrorist financing, is obliged to make a suspicious transaction report (STR) of that knowledge or suspicion or those reasonable grounds. There is a dual reporting obligation of STRs to both An Garda Síochána and the Irish Revenue Commissioners.

What is goAML?

Ireland’s Financial Intelligence Unit, FIU Ireland, is responsible for receiving and analysing suspicious transaction reports and other information relevant to money laundering or terrorist financing. FIU Ireland is a division of an Garda Síochána, the Irish police.

goAML is an online software solution used by an Garda Síochána since June 2017 for designated persons to submit money laundering suspicion reports to the FIU Ireland. Previously accepted paper reporting is no longer possible.

Members are encouraged to get set up and registered on the on goAML system. Below is some guidance as to how you can do this.

Who must and how do you register for goAML?

Prior to being able to submit an STR for the first time to the FIU the designated person must be registered for go AML. FIU Ireland has published guidance as to how to register which should be consulted. This includes  the  Reporting Entity registration guide and a useful FAQ Document. to consult. Entities registered on  go AML will in addition to receipt of acknowledgment of an STR, receive alerts and dissemination of trends and typologies from the FIU and it is  recommended that the message board is checked regularly.

Additional Mandatory reporting of STRs to the Irish Revenue Commissioners

STRs must also be reported to the Irish Revenue Commissioners. Since September 2020 reporting to the Revenue Commissioners must be online - see  Revenue reporting guidelines . The designated person must be registered for Revenue Online Service (ROS) to submit an STR to Revenue. ROS login in details and a valid ROS digital certificate is required. More Detailed information is available as to how to register and complete STR reporting to the Revenue Commissioners. The Revenue Commissioners also have a ‘Quick Guide to Submitting STRs Online’ available on the Revenue website.

The FIU and Revenue have also jointly produced GoAML - Guide to Generating XML Reports which users will find useful.