Draft agreement reached on programme for Government formation in Ireland

Jun 15, 2020


The Programme for Government has been agreed upon and signed off by leaders of Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and the Green Party. A 125-page programme for government is set to be released imminently. It is understood that there will be a rotating Taoiseach role as part of the programme for government deal. You can follow live updates on the RTE website.

If passed by the party's memberships, it would see Micheál Martin serving as Taoiseach until December 2022, which will then rotate back to the Fine Gael Leader Leo Varadkar.

Mr Martin has said that it was a collective engagement of the three parties and if a new government is formed "it has to go forward in a collective spirit as well."

While the details of the agreement are emerging, It is understood that the draft programme for government will say that Budget 2021 will include a medium term road map detailing how Ireland will reduce the deficit and return to a broadly balanced budget. The proposed taxation measures to close the deficit and fund public services will focus on carbon tax, a sugar tax, and levies on plastics. Other key commitments to be covered by the document are understood to be over:

  • Financials services & taxation
  • Business & the economy
  • Housing
  • Climate
  • Communications & digital policy
  • Transportation & infrastructure