Earn your professional tax qualification in six months using your elective

Mar 28, 2019
In May 2018, a new exemption came on stream for holders of the FAE Advanced Taxation elective. This exemption entitles holders of the tax elective to progress directly to the final stage of Chartered Tax Consultant (CTC™) - our professional tax qualification open only to accountants. This exemption means that holders of the elective (ROI or NI) can apply to start CTC at the final stage and complete their qualification in just six months and one set of exams in December. If you are considering what elective to choose, this could help you decide!

Following this first intake, one of the participants, Darragh, dropped in to tell us more about his experience of this route to his qualification. 

Darragh completed his FAE a couple of years ago and has very recently started a new role working in a practice. At FAE, he freely admits his study technique might have been a little flawed in that he did not pass the elective first time. In trying to pass, he learned a lot of his material by rote for the exam, but soon realised that this was not the best tactic. 

“With tax, the situation dictates everything”, Darragh said, meaning you need to know your stuff if you want to get to the right answer either for the exams or for a client. This is exactly the foundation and main concept of CTC. 

The CTC programme is taught using legislation as its core principle. You will become proficient in reading, interpreting, understanding and applying legislation to often complex tax scenarios.

CTC is taught by blended learning – some of the content is available on demand online while some of it is classroom-based: tutorials and case studies which take you through the topic and let you really engage with it with the support of our subject matter experts. 

Time and again, the case studies are what people mention as being of great value while doing CTC. They were established along the MBA model – you and 10-15 of your classmates work together under the guidance of a facilitator to share ideas and experience to resolve a real world tax issue. You will learn how to, for example, create a memo to a client. This means that you develop your consultancy skills in a really practical way, giving you the confidence to do the same processes back at your own workplace immediately.

Darragh enjoyed the new way of working and learning that CTC offered him and found the elective really helpful to his starting at the final stage of the programme. The new study style he developed himself during FAE of relying on and trusting his knowledge certainly stood to him and was a great benefit to his successful completion of the programme after just six months.

Applications are now being taken for this year's exemption and you can Contact Amy to find out more.