Employers in difficulty can seek extended response time to TWSS check

Jul 09, 2020

In a letter to Chartered Accountants Ireland under the auspices of the CCAB-I, Revenue said that employers having difficulty preparing information in response to letters issued under the TWSS compliance programme can contact Revenue for additional time.

The CCAB-I wrote to Revenue last week seeking an extension to the five-day response time for employers under the TWSS compliance programme, urging Revenue to take a business-friendly approach in its interaction with businesses under the compliance programme.

Revenue has agreed to provide additional time for employers experiencing genuine difficulty in providing information and advises that such employers should contact Revenue for additional time. Reference is made by Revenue to staff shortages or remote working as examples of circumstances where employers may have difficulty providing information within the 5-day deadline.

Revenue has provided support to taxpayers in terms of its debt collection and enforcement procedures, and acceleration of refunds since March. Revenue notes in its letter that the compliance programme will be conducted in a supportive manor. Compliance checks are to be staggered over a number of months and seek to impose a minimum burden on employers according to Revenue.

The TWSS compliance programme is not an audit intervention.