Expenses, benefits and employment related securities deadlines imminent, 2 July 2018

Jul 02, 2018

Do you complete expenses and benefits returns? Or do you complete online filing for employment related securities? If so, you have an important role to play in ensuring returns are submitted and payments made on time.  

Here’s a reminder of the forthcoming deadlines: 

  • 6 July 2018 - deadline for submitting all 2017/18 P11D(b) and P11D forms - and the employee must receive their copy of the P11D. (HMRC’s Expenses and Benefits from Employment toolkit can help with this)
  • 6 July 2018 – deadline for online reporting of 2017/18 annual return in respect of employment related securities
  • 19 July 2018 - deadline for non-electronic payment of Class 1A National Insurance (NIC) for 2017/18
  • 22 July 2018 - deadline for electronic payment of Class 1A NIC for 2017/18

To save on administration, don’t forget to consider PAYE Settlement Agreements, where relevant. 

HMRC has also published online versions of form P11D(b). The purpose of form P11D(b) is to report Class 1A NIC on expenses and benefits-in-kind and to declare that forms P11D have been submitted to HMRC.

Employers who payroll all benefits-in-kind and so do not need to submit forms P11D must nevertheless submit form P11D(b) to report their Class 1A NIC liability to HMRC.