Jan 13, 2021

Fisheries almost caused the Brexit negotiations to derail. We take a look at what was agreed between the sides.

The UK has left the Common Fisheries Policy, the joint framework for providing equal access to EU waters for Member States as well as managing quota-sharing. The EU and UK will become responsible, under international law, for jointly managing approximately 100 shared fish stocks.

UK waters will no longer be part of EU waters and new provisions are set out in the Agreement on reciprocal access to waters. Both sides have agreed that 25 percent of EU fishing rights in UK waters will be transferred to the UK fishing fleet over a period of five and a half years.   

After the end of the adjustment period in June 2026, during which the current rules will remain in place regarding reciprocal access, the Agreement provides for annual consultations to establish the level and conditions of reciprocal access.

Part 2 Heading 5 of the Agreement deals with Fisheries.