Five things you need to know about tax, 5 October 2018

Oct 03, 2018

Highlights this week include a request to take our survey on HMRC performance, a High Court ruling in favour of a claim for dwelling house exemption and the EU reports that €150 billion in VAT was lost in 2016.   Also check out the first in our new series of member profiles. 


  1. The High Court upheld the finding of the Tax Appeals Commission in favour of the taxpayer in relation to the entitlement of dwelling house exemption on the inheritance of a family home, where the beneficiary also inherited an interest in four other properties from the deceased’s estate. Read more on this story
  2. Revenue have launched a new telephone platform so that all calls to them can be made using standard telephone numbers. Read more on this story



  3. Take our survey on HMRC performance.
  4. The UK 2018 autumn budget date has been announced



  5. EU countries lost almost €150 billion in VAT revenues in 2016 according to the European Commission. Read more on this story

My Tax Journey

Check out the first in a new series of member profiles, where members share their insights on the current tax landscape and their professional journey. First up is Paul Dillon, FCA, a Partner in Duignan Carthy O’Neill. He is a Council Member of Chartered Accountants and is a warhorse of the TALC process having represented the views and frustrations of the regulated accountancy community for over fifteen years. Now over to Paul…