Get ready for Brexit regardless of the outcome

Jul 17, 2019

Irish businesses that trade with the UK can do 4 things to prepare for Brexit now regardless of the outcome on 31 October 2019:

  1. Register online with Revenue for an EORI number – it takes a few minutes to apply and a number should issue immediately or within 3 working days if checks are needed.
  2. Inform your customers in the UK (or further afield if you are using the UK as a land bridge) that they may experience delays in receiving your product because of supply chain disruption
  3. Familiarise yourself with the new customs administration and tariffs (should they apply). Find out what returns you might need to file with Revenue and if tariffs apply, get a sense of how much extra your imports and exports will cost. Figure out whether you will do the customs administration yourself or whether you need to hire a customs agent.If you do the customs yourself, you need to have computer facilities and software to do this.
  4. Ensure that you have a line of credit to deal with any customs duties that might arise on imports from the UK.