Give a small gift of hope to fellow members?

Dec 03, 2020

We continue to provide a number of supports to those in our community who have been unduly affected by the pandemic and other personal challenges.  More members and students than ever have required financial assistance.  Some have lost their jobs and their livelihoods, others are dealing with a bereavement or a chronically ill family member, while others have been unable to work because of severe mental or physical health challenges.  Whatever their circumstances, or their individual needs, we are determined to help each and every one of them.  We aim to provide practical support so they can get back on their feet with their dignity intact.

 Donations to this valuable service are the life blood of our work and your gift could change a life. Below is a snapshot of some of the people who have benefited from your generosity and our assistance:

  • William is a Chartered Accountant who lost his business, his home and suffered with depression. CA Support helped him throughout these difficult times. Read his story from Boardroom to Hostel.
  • "Feeling compelled to ask for assistance has been a humbling experience but the response of CA Support has confirmed my faith in the profession I have been a member of for over 30 years." A member with a long-term illness with two children in education
  • In this short video Karen speaks about the assistance and support she received from CA Support when her daughter Niamh was diagnosed with a brain tumour and difference it made to their lives. A family in crisis

  • "I have gone back to work part-time. At long last I have my life in order. I wish to thank CA Support for their help and kindness over the last few years.” Woman separated from her husband
  • "Your support has been an answer to a prayer. We are more grateful than words can easily express. I have struggled with the black dog a lot and every time I think I have got my feet back under me, another wave seems to hit” Member who suffered with depression

Unsurprisingly, during the COVID crisis, we have seen a significant uplift in the numbers of students and members reaching out for help. From recent research conducted by Laya Healthcare, the is a major gap in the numbers needing mental health support (90% of respondents) versus those who actively engage with support services (10%).  We know our community of accountants is no different. We are working hard to reach all those in need.  There is now a real imperative to come together to provide this support and ensure that no-one is left behind.

To continue to provide ongoing support to those in need, we urgently require your help.  Donations big and small could help to change the life. See more about how CA Support can help you and those in need in our community. Please give what you can.