HMRC webinars to support businesses

Jan 12, 2021


HMRC are holding a number of webinars in the coming weeks to assist businesses in getting to grips with the changes which are now in effect due to the end of the transition period. Register on a webinar to find out what you need to do, and to discover more about the new customs processes which are now in operation. Please note that many of these webinars are aimed at businesses in GB trading with the EU.

There are also a number of videos on HMRC's YouTube channel and a trader checklist on GOV‌‌.UK. The Institute will also be holding a further webinar in the coming weeks with the Trader Support Service – more details and booking information will be available soon.

Webinars to register for now:


On Tuesday 26 January, HMRC, in conjunction with DfE and INI, will be hosting a webinar entitled; VAT, Excise and the Northern Ireland Protocol.

From 1 January 2021 businesses of all sizes who trade goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland need to adhere to new rules for the payment of VAT and excise as a result of the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland. 

This webinar, delivered by HMRC, will focus on what businesses need to do to adhere to these new processes. HMRC will provide an overview of what has changed, and what has not, as well as demonstrate the steps business need to take now through customer journeys. 

This session will also clarify the VAT and excise procedures for EU and rest of world trade to and from Northern Ireland. Attendees will be provided with links to guidance and be given an opportunity to ask questions. Although this event is open to all NI based businesses, we particularly welcome small and medium sized (SME) businesses who may not be experienced in VAT or excise.  Participants can register by visiting; REGISTRATION: VAT, EXCISE AND NI PROTOCOL (


This webinar covers an overview of the actions you need to take now before you export goods from GB to the EU and move goods between GB and Northern Ireland. Key processes include staged border controls, VAT considerations, customs declarations, using an intermediary in addition to considering licences, certificates, and authorisations.

  • Trader responsibilities when using an intermediary: register now

Import or export declarations are needed to trade goods with the EU if you are a GB business. The rules are complex, which is often why businesses choose to use an intermediary to complete this for them. This webinar explains your responsibilities as a trader if you choose to use an intermediary.

If you import goods from GB to the EU, you need to make customs import declarations on controlled goods now (you will need to make customs import declarations on all goods by the end of June). This webinar will help you understand what customs import declarations in more detail. The webinar will also cover what is needed for simplified declarations, supplementary declarations, how to make them, and delayed import declarations.

Importing: staged controls and how to prepare to use them: register now

This webinar will walk you through the three stages of the new border controls introduced on 1‌‌ ‌January‌‌ ‌2021, and what actions you need to take for each stage.