How business TV can benefit your business (Sponsored)

Dec 05, 2019

Here are four businesses that can improve their customer experience and benefit from Virgin Media Business’s entertainment solutions.

Gyms and health centres

A Netflix survey revealed that, out of 1000 respondents, nearly half admitted they would be more motivated to exercise if they could watch their favourite shows while working out.

However, a study published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine found that participants watching the same show, but who found the content unenjoyable, showed no change in mood towards the exercise activity. Therefore, it’s important to offer clients a diverse range of channels.

Talk to your television set provider about installing an audio FM transmission system that will let your guests tune into different channels without the speakers disrupting other members.

Hotel guests

In-room TV services play a key role in guest satisfaction. TAM Ireland found that live TV is still popular among Irish people, with the typical adult watching 184 minutes of programmed television daily.

Offering a diverse range of TV channels can keep your guests satisfied within their accommodation for longer and increases the chance of them ordering additional services such as room service, movies or pay-per-view events.

Keep your guests happy by offering the best channels, via the latest televisions, with the best business broadband service.

Making the most of the waiting room

A survey by Sequence found that 63% of patients said that the most stressful thing about going to their doctor was the waiting room. Business TV can create a calm environment for patients which helps make the time pass faster and increases the chance of repeat business.

There’s a reason that you often see channels like Virgin Media One in waiting rooms. These channels show 30-60 minute sitcoms, chat shows and news bulletins and keep the day ticking along. Children’s channels are another safe bet, satisfying the younger members of your waiting room who may be quicker to voice their frustration with the wait.

Sports TV is here to stay in pubs

Having the Sky Premium package is key to providing the best sports entertainment environment possible. A great way to future-proof footfall is to let your customers know that your pub or hotel is the home of sport by displaying what events you’ll be showing and when on a blackboard or poster.

If you intend on showing multiple sports at the same time across many screens, call our business team on 1800 923 003 about a solution that suits your needs.

Learn more about how TV services from Virgin Media Business can benefit your organisation here.

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