Information for employers making TWSS repayments

Aug 04, 2020

Revenue updated its webpage on information for employers making a repayment of the TWSS. A new process is in place for making a TWSS repayment and additional information for employers who have made TWSS repayments by bank transfers is also available.

A ROS facility is now in place for making TWSS repayments. Employers are asked to ensure that only TWSS repayments are included in amounts repaid through this facility and not to include any payments of income tax and USC refunded.

Employers who have made a repayment of the TWSS using a bank transfer are advised to send confirmation to the Collector General’s Office via myEnquiries including details of the payment and the Payroll Run Reference if they haven’t advised Revenue of the bank transfer repayment.

Further detail on these points can be found on Revenue’s website