Institute achieves e-exams breakthrough as first paperless, remote exams successfully concluded

May 08, 2020

Chartered Accountants Ireland’s E-Assessment pilot came to a successful conclusion on Friday 1 May 2020, with the publication of the final set of results for the Management Accounting Interim Assessment.  The migration to a remote, e-assessment platform represents a remarkable achievement in professional accountancy education, as the first major regulated professional accounting remote invigilated exams to be held in candidates’ homes via the internet.

The difficult circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic made the success all the more noteworthy. The recent Management Accounting Interim E-Assessment was the first time in the Institute's history that we have had a fully paperless, end-to-end examination process. All aspects of the paper development, exam, marking, adjudication and publication of results took place during a time when the Examinations Department were all working remotely, meaning that the whole process was completely digital and virtual.

The recent Management Accounting E-Assessment meant that, for the first time in a regulated, professional accountancy exam, a traditional exam setting was held without any physical exam papers or exam halls.  All papers were handled, marked and moderated electronically, and all staff, examiners and moderators worked entirely remotely in support of students and the exams process. Similarly, examination committee meetings, moderation and adjudication was all undertaken electronically and remotely.

Ian Browne, Deputy Director of Education at Chartered Accountants Ireland, said:

“The Institute is proud to have successfully completed the planned CAP1 pilot on our e-assessment platform with remote proctoring, and we now lead the way in global accounting E-Assessments. No other professional accountancy body has ever achieved this outcome before. The process of the running of the Management Accounting Interim E-Assessment itself was completed in four weeks end to end rather than the traditional 6-8 weeks taken by conducting the same exam in a paper based format. We have learned a great deal during this process, and will take all learnings forward to further enhance the experience for students and examiners. The completion of the project augurs well for the successful rollout of E-Assessment for all future Chartered Accountants Ireland exams going forward.”