Institute writes to HMRC on Brexit duty reimbursement scheme and at risk guidance

Apr 06, 2021

Last month, Chartered Accountants Ireland wrote to HMRC to express concern that the duty reimbursement scheme for goods subsequently found to be not at risk will not open until the summer. In respect of the Institute’s letter in February to HMRC about the need for a soft landing for Brexit customs and VAT changes, which was copied to Minister Dodds, Minister Dodds responded to the Institute.

The Institute’s most recent letter sets out an associated issue in respect of the need to further develop the guidance on the definition of “at risk” including how far down the supply chain a business needs to go to arrive at the decision if goods are “at risk” or “not at risk”.

The publication of more developed and detailed guidance on “at risk” would assist with the cash flow issues some businesses are experiencing in respect of duty reimbursement if businesses are able to make a clear and early decision on the “at risk” point.