Introducing your clients to QuickBooks Online (Sponsored)

Jun 16, 2020
By Nadine Chetty, co-founder of Ecomm Accounting Solutions and Intuit QuickBooks Online trainer and writer

Once you have completed your Intuit QuickBooks Online training and have become a certified advisor, you are ready to bring in some clients. Before you can do that, however, you need to introduce them to QuickBooks Online if they haven’t heard about it already.

To get a client to move over to something different and new can be tricky. Yes, you could tell them about the basic features that QuickBooks Online has to offer: a free mobile app, customisable electronic invoices, expense tracking, automatic bank feeds, bank level security and the fact that it is a fully cloud-based solution; but your client wants to know why it would be suitable for them and their business.

For example, if your client creates the same invoice on a recurring basis, then you should mention that QuickBooks Online has a great automated recurring invoice feature. If they have too many slips to keep track off and their expenses are all over the place, you could show them the amazing expense tracker on the mobile app.

They key is to find your client’s pain points in their business and show them a feature in QuickBooks Online that can solve those problems. From there, show them how the whole system ties together to provide them with one simple, easy to use business solution.

In our firm, we have seen several common pain points that most of our clients experience. The most common is struggling to get payments in fast. We have solved this by explaining to them that QuickBooks Online has an automated invoice reminder system which has proven to get you paid faster. There is an audit trail on the invoice you have sent which shows you when your debtor has opened up their invoice. This is by far one of my favourite features.

Once you have convinced your client to move over to QuickBooks Online, the next step is finding which solution would suit them best: Simple Start, Essentials or Plus. They each have their own set of features suitable for different client needs.

The bottom line is to understand your client’s needs and provide a solution that is tailored to those needs. By doing that, your role will change to their trusted advisor and you will have happy clients for life!

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(This article is sponsored by Intuit QuickBooks.)