iXBRL: Reminder of change to Taxonomy Use from 1 August

Aug 07, 2018

Since 1 August 2018, some taxonomies (the codes used in iXBRL to identify accounts items when submitting accounts) are no longer accepted by Revenue.  In addition, Revenue are making the use of the updated DPL (Detailed Profit and Loss) taxonomy mandatory. 

Revenue have issued eBrief 154/18 highlighting these changes. Details of these restrictions and the mandatory use of the updated DPL taxonomy were flagged back in Chartered Tax News in May.  We also reported that section 110 companies will be obliged to use the updated DPL with either the FRS 101, 102 or EU IFRS taxonomies for their iXBRL submissions for accounting periods from 1 August. 

You can read more on iXBRL and the changes from 1 August on our iXBRL webcentre