iXBRL returns stuck at ‘processing’ - Revenue guidance

Jan 28, 2019

Following recent discussions at TALC, Revenue has published guidance outlining the process taxpayers should take if their iXBRL Financial Statements are stuck at ‘Processing’. The guidance outlines that if a deadline should pass while the financial statements are stuck at ‘Processing’ any surcharge arising as a result of this will be waived once the steps set out by Revenue are followed.  

Revenue recommends that the following steps are taken:

  1. If you are attempting to upload iXBRL Financial Statements and the file displays as “Processing” for an extended period, you should contact the ROS Helpdesk to request that the file is released so you can re-submit it.
  2. If the due date for filing the iXBRL Financial Statements should pass while you are awaiting the release of the file, you should also use MyEnquiries (select the “Corporation Tax” and “iXBRL” drop-down categories) to contact the Revenue Branch dealing with your case to request that any surcharge that arises as a result of this issue is waived.
  3. This request should be accompanied by:
  • A screen-grab showing that the iXBRL Financial Statements are stuck at “Processing”;
  • A copy of the email sent to the ROS Helpdesk requesting that the iXBRL file be released; and
  • A copy of the iXBRL file that was being uploaded.

Once the taxpayer re-submits the iXBRL Financial Statements in a timely manner following their release by the ROS Helpdesk, the relevant Revenue office will waive any surcharge arising as a result of this issue.