Leinster Society - Summer wellness programme roundup

Aug 24, 2020
Over the course of 3 weeks in July and August, Leinster Society Chairman Áine Crotty hosted a packed wellness programme designed to tackle the 3 key areas of wellbeing; physical, nutritional and mental health.


Physical health with Emma Dowling, Empowered Mama

The programme got off to a flying start with our first special guest Emma Dowling of Empowered Mama.

On Wednesday 22 July at 7.30am Emma started us off with a workout session geared towards pre and post-natal mothers, with excellent tips and useful information for those who want to start a new fitness routine, or tailor their current fitness regime to suit.


To watch back Emma’s session, click here

On Thursday 23 July at 7.30am Emma turned the intensity up a notch with a more universal workout catered to all our members at any fitness level!


To watch back Emma’s session, click here

Nutritional health with the Happy Pear


The programme continued Thursday 30 July with Steve and Dave, the energetic Happy Pear Twins.

The cook along kicked off with a delicious, healthy and quick chickpea curry, with chat and loads of interaction throughout, including 5 tips for a happy healthy life. The twins finished off with a 5-minute chocolate mousse which will impress any party guest!
Throughout the cook along we encouraged our attendees to take pictures of their culinary masterpieces for a chance to win a signed copy of the twins’ new book. 
Congratulations to Kevin Prendergast and Fiona Shine who impressed us with their creations!


To watch back The Happy Pear’s session click here

Mental Health and resilience with Nigel Owens, MBE
The finale of our Summer Wellness Programme took place Thursday 06 August and featured the one and only Nigel Owens MBE.
Nigel gave an incredibly honest and open insight into his life growing up in rural Wales, his struggles with his sexuality and the massive obstacles he had to overcome mentally to find the happiness and success he has achieved today.
Nigel spoke about acceptance and how accepting oneself can positively impact on your happiness and in turn your job performance. Nigel also gave some very useful tips for overcoming difficult situations and building resilience. Several questions from participants saw Nigel discuss everything from his funniest memories on the pitch, to his challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic and his plans for the future. 
Congratulations to our two winners of our “Guess the Speaker” competition Mary and Tom, who received a signed copy of Nigel’s book.  
A massive thank you to all who tuned in to the Leinster Society Summer Wellness Programme over the 3 weeks and provided invaluable feedback which will allow us to build upon these worthwhile events in the future. 


Finally, many thanks again to our sponsor Glennons for making it all possible.