London Society Rises to the Challenge of Climate Change

Feb 20, 2020

Peter and panel

Chartered Accountants Ireland London Society has partnered with the Irish Embassy to examine the environmental and business impact of Sustainable Finance.

At the event at the Irish Embassy in London on 18th February, members of the London Society discussed how the accounting and finance profession can help to tackle climate change by supporting sustainable growth.

Speakers at the event included Counsellor Padraig Hennessy of the Irish Embassy; Dr. Brian Keegan of Chartered Accountants Ireland; Richard Spencer of ICAEW; Hannah Armitage of FRC; Elaine Deehan of Starling Bank International; and Patrycja Jurkowska of GOAL Global.

Peter Keenan-Gavaghan, Chairman of Chartered Accountants Ireland London Society said: “Climate change, and the effort to fight it, is no longer a fringe topic. It has become mainstream and the finance and accounting profession has an important role to play.

“Many corporations are stepping up their efforts to make a real difference and are exerting their influence on their upstream supply chain and their downstream clients to drive the decarbonisation agenda.

“As well as a moral obligation, there is a commercial imperative. As well as the need to combat a global existential threat, there are tremendous opportunities.

“The sustainability agenda represents a major opportunity for companies to do the right thing. It also represents an opportunity become a front-runner in terms of good governance as well as tapping into a growing, environmentally aware marketplace.

“Sustainable Finance is an area where our profession has to be ready to take the lead. We must be prepared to push the boundaries, to support our members to lead the way and to help the business world rise to the challenge of climate change.”

Photos from the event are available via our Flickr site

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