Meeting with Revenue Board: CAT payment difficulties, MyEnquiries

Jul 31, 2017

Representatives from Chartered Accountants Ireland, under the auspices of CCAB-I, met with the Revenue Board earlier this month to discuss a number of key concerns of our members. 

Among the issues we discussed was the Capital Acquisitions Tax payment difficulty for accountants making payments on behalf of clients; currently the only option is Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).  We recommended an alternative payment proposal to improve the process, the Revenue Commissioners agreed to consider the points made and we will continue to engage on this important matter. 

We also discussed the ongoing issues experienced by members with Revenue’s My Enquiries service and asked that the tax refund offset function we put forward under the TALC process be considered.  Other issues discussed include the Employment and Investment Incentive scheme, VAT registrations, Revenue Audits, the PAYE Modernisation programme and iXBRL.  

We will keep you informed of any developments in these areas via this weekly newsletter.