Minister Donohoe speaks of reputational effects from Apple case

Aug 04, 2020

PwC Ireland’s Managing Partner, Fergal O’Rourke hosted a webcast with the Minister for Finance, Paschal Donohoe TD on the last day of the Dáil term. Their discussions covered the Minister’s role as President of Eurogroup, reputational effects from the Apple case and Ireland’s relationship with the European Union, changes in international tax, as well as the July Jobs Stimulus and Government’s ability to do more in Budget 2021.

In the context of the decision of the General Court on the Apple case, the Minister acknowledged the reputational effects of the Commission’s decision and the challenges it has created. However, he noted the strength of Ireland’s relationship with the Commission and emphasised its role of support in the “great challenge of Brexit”. He was keen to stress the importance of Ireland’s relationship with the European Union.

He described Ireland’s membership of the European Union as “… being the most incredibly positive dimension, I believe of our economic prospects, and even our political prospects.”

He also discussed that “big changes” are coming in international tax, which will have repercussions for Ireland.

"We have to find ways we can continue to make progress while respecting the rights of small countries on ways they can compete," the Minister said.

The Minister commended the work of Revenue in operating the TWSS, describing it as the “most fast-moving economic institution in the State” in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Budget 2021 was discussed in the context of the Government’s ability to do more beyond the measures in July Stimulus. The Minister spoke of Ireland’s “renewed creditworthiness” and borrowing within affordable parameters.

 You can watch the entire webcast on the PwC website