MyEnquiries manual updates

Jul 06, 2020

Revenue updated their manual on MyEnquiries to reflect the new tracking system, which launched on 15 June.

Revenue’s MyEnquiries manual Part 37-00-36 has been split into four parts:

  1. How to access and register for MyEnquiries in myAccount (37-00-36A)
  2. How to submit and manage enquiries (37-00-36B)
  3. How to track progress on enquiries (37-00-36C)
  4. The output and replies to enquiries(37-00-36D)

Customers and agents are reminded to flag enquiries as ‘completed’ or ‘to do’.

A new manual on Revenue staff procedures for dealing with requests from the Personal Injuries Assessment Board submitted through MyEnquiries has also been released. (Part 37-00-14)