MyEnquiries service difficulties, June update

Jun 17, 2019

At a recent meeting of the working group established to improve MyEnquiries, Revenue discussed with us the work currently being done which includes;

  • Revenue’s review of query response times,
  • Issuing a confirmation message to agents that a query has been closed,
  • Quality assurance procedures and query management,
  • Revised earlier internal notifications when response time exceeds service standards,

and potential ROS enhancements to allow agents to carry out common requests, such as, changes to a company’s accounting period themselves.

The group was established in March following concerns raised by our members on the quality of MyEnquiries service.

In cases where a taxpayer or tax agent has not received a response to a MyEnquiries query within the 20 day customer service response standard (25 working days during busy periods), the taxpayer or tax agent should use the Exceptional contacts channel to bring the matter to the attention of senior management in Revenue.

To try to improve the volume of MyEnquiries messages received by Revenue, it has been suggested that when members receive a response from Revenue to their query, that they do not reply to this response (unless further clarification or information is required). These acknowledgments are treated by Revenue’s systems as reopened queries, and so can add to the large number of queries that must be screened and allocated for work.

Please let us know via email if you are notice improvements to the service or provide examples to us if you continue to experience service difficulties. There will be further meetings of the special working group taking place after the summer months and we will keep members updated.