PAYE Modernisation – one month in

Feb 11, 2019

Last Friday Revenue issued a statement to say that during the first month of go live, Revenue received payroll information for over 2.4 million employees, representing 90 percent of employees registered with Revenue.  While this is wondrous in terms of tax administration, there is still no real time access for employees, which had been promised as a benefit of PAYE Modernisation.  For many employers the new system has merely added to workload and costs with little apparent benefit.

Revenue have said that they are writing to 65,000 employers, advising them to check their January ‘Nil’ statement, and if any amendments are required to make these before 14 February, to address the 10 percent of employees for whom Revenue did not receive payroll information.  Statements reflecting the January payroll information issued on 5 February.  Employers have until this coming Thursday (14 February) to make any amendments/correct errors to the payroll submissions, after which it will form the statutory return. If the payroll details are correct no action is necessary and the details will be deemed to be the statutory monthly return on 14 February. This will be the process each month.

Revenue have also said that they intend to make real time reporting available to employees shortly. We will keep you updated as to when employees can expect to receive this access.

Chartered Accountants Ireland under the auspices of the CCAB-I are in discussion with Revenue regarding the terms of a self-correction mechanism under the new real-time PAYE system.  The CCAB-I are arguing the case that a taxpayer should be afforded every opportunity in terms of the time frame for self-correction under the real-time PAYE system given the increased workload of employers brought about by the new system. 

For PAYE queries, Revenue have advised to contact the National Employer Helpline at 01-7383638.  Stay informed with up-to-date information on PAYE Modernisation on our website.