PAYE Modernisation: PAYE registration cancellations

Jun 18, 2018

During April, Revenue wrote to employers who according to their records did not have any employees and who had not made PAYE/PRSI/USC payments as an employer for the last two years to advise them that their PAYE registration will be cancelled.  Revenue told us at a recent meeting of the TALC Collection subcommittee that they are currently reviewing approx. 5,000 cases who have responded requesting for their PAYE registration to remain active.   The remaining 25,000 employers will have their PAYE registrations cancelled.

We advised about these letters in Tax eNews in April.  Employers who received such a letter were advised that they had three weeks to respond otherwise their registration would be cancelled.  You can read a copy of the letter here

We will keep you informed of developments as they arise.  In the meantime, for all your PAYE Modernisation updates and information, visit our dedicated PAYE Modernisation web centre