Pre-population of self-assessments – update

Apr 06, 2020

HMRC have sent the below message regarding the trial of the Individual PAYE application programme interface (“API”) to populate Self-Assessment returns.

“We are sorry to say that the evidence from this trial has shown that, although this is a valuable service, it is not the best way to provide support to the majority of our customers, so we are ending this trial. The Individual PAYE API will be deprecated from Friday 28 February 2020 which means you can continue to use the API, but it will not be supported. Our intention is to retire the API on 10th April 2020.

We know this is very short notice and we are sorry for any difficulties this will cause.

We will use the data that we have collected from this trial to continue to develop our systems.

The existing SA pre-population API service will remain available for use and will continue to pre-populate your Self-Assessment tax returns as before. This includes the Individual Income, Individual Tax, Individual Benefits & Individual Employment APIs available on the Developer Hub.”