President Paul Henry welcomes new members

Jun 17, 2020
New members would usually be invited to a conferring ceremony to celebrate their achievements where the President would congratulate each new member and present them with their scroll. Having passed their exams and attained their qualification, being admitted to membership is the final step to becoming an ACA. The conferring ceremony is a way of formally marking this event - an opportunity to share the sense of occasion with family and friends...and to get dressed up of course!

In light of COVID-19, we are sadly not yet able to celebrate together formally, but President Paul Henry has recorded a video message for new members to mark the occasion and wish them well. 

Paul thanked all the family, friends, colleagues and others who helped and supported students in so many ways along their journey to qualification. Having so many members (now close to 29,000) in so many towns, counties and countries as well as across so many sectors, provides each individual with so many opportunities to support and be supported by each other. Between committees and societies, there are many avenues and he encouraged new members to get involved where they can. We sincerely hope that everyone managed to mark the occasion in some way, albeit in unusual ways. 

Well done and keep in touch. As your Institute, we look forward to supporting you. 

Watch the video here.