Recording Available: 'The 4 'D's Reshaping How We Work' with Dr Nicola Millard

Jan 29, 2021
On 28 January, the Ulster Society held a webinar examining the key changes reshaping how we work. A link to a recording of this webinar, along with some resources referenced in the presentation, are below.

A Recording of the webinar is available to view, for free, HERE

A copy of Slides from Dr Nicola Millard's presentation is available HERE

A copy of a detailed paper by Dr Nicola Millard into the issues is available to view here: future-of-remote-working

The White Paper to which Dr Nicola refers in her presentation is available HERE

The Irish Government Remote Work Policy Paper referenced in the presentation is available HERE

About this presentation:
Automation was supposedly the force reshaping the future of work – turns out it wasn’t technology, but a virus which disrupted everything. 

The Digital workplace is changing and there are significant implications for employees, offices, and skills people need in an increasingly automated, remote, globalized workforce.
This session covers:
• The rise of Disruption, Diversity and Digital: lessons from the global remote working “experiment” – and how workplaces may evolve into the future.

• The death of Dilbert, Dolly and Distance – what function do offices play if most of us can work from home? What are the implications of “living at work”? Is face-to-face contact important?

• The rise of the Droid - is AI/ automation still going to transform the workplace?

About Nicola:

Once described as “human caffeine” on Twitter, Dr Nicola Millard injects a positive, people-centred expresso shot to innovation & future strategy. Half social scientist, half technologist, all academic, she uses techniques from disciplines such as design thinking, psychology, anthropology, computing, & business consulting to generate data, provocations and stories which can engage & create conversations from the board room, to the front line. No frothy coffee; just solid research.

About Patrick:
Patrick leads Grant Thornton’s People and Change Consulting offering on an all-Ireland basis. He specialises in delivering behavioural change through capability building, which can range from working on complex transformation projects right through to coaching senior Board members on a one-to-one basis. Patrick is a past President of Belfast Junior Chamber of Commerce and was Chairman of the Ulster Society during 2015/2016.