Revenue phone lines over Autumn deadlines

Sep 14, 2020

Revenue expects telephone helplines to continue to operate reduced opening hours throughout the Autumn deadline season, as staff continue to work from home in line with Government health and safety measures.

At a recent TALC meeting Revenue noted that staff will continue to work from home, in line with public health advice, which means limited capacity for the extension or reopening of phone lines. However, it is understood that the card payments phone line facility will be matched to the ROS helpdesk opening hours of 9 am to 5 pm.

As highlighted on its website:

“Revenue is actively working to put the necessary technology in place that allows the restoration of all of its customer telephone helplines in a manner that aligns with public health advice.”

Revenue continues to encourage taxpayers and their agents to use the myEnquiries facility for queries or correspondence on any matter. The myEnquiries service experience is understood to be much improved since the initial switch to work from home in March. Current telephone line opening hours are set out on Revenue’s website