Revenue reopen telephone helplines

Jul 27, 2020

Revenue have reopened key telephone helplines. Taxpayers and agents are advised to continue contacting Revenue through their online services where possible. Telephone helplines are available to those who are unable to use or resolve their enquiries through the online services.

The helplines below are available Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm:

Helpline Contact Number
Business & Self Assessed 01 - 7383630
Collector General 01 - 7383663
Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT) 01 - 7383673
myAccount Registration 07 - 7383691
Central Repayments Office 01 - 7383671
Charities and Sporting Bodies 01 - 7383680
National Excise Licence Office (NELO) 01 - 7383640
Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) Area phone numbers: VRT contact details


Full details on the reopened helplines can be found in Revenue’s press release