Revenue’s advice for moving goods from Great Britain into Irish ports

Jan 12, 2021


Revenue have reminded truck drivers to keep two key things in mind to ensure they can access their customs channel when moving goods from Great Britain into Ireland by ferry:

  1. Have the Pre-Boarding Notification Identification number (PBN ID) for the vehicle or trailer; and
  2. Check the customs channel no earlier than 30 minutes prior to disembarking.

The advice contained in Revenue’s press release is said to ensure that vehicles carrying goods to and from GB will be able to board their scheduled ferry without any difficulties, and will mean that truck on arrival drivers can present goods for customs controls – if any –with the minimum of delay.

Creating a correct PBN

Those responsible for transporting goods to or from GB by ferry are required to create a PBN on the Customs RoRo Service before the goods start their journey, and in advance of vehicles moving to the departure port.

Revenue has also set up a dedicated email support service to deal with all PBN-related queries at

Customs Channel Look Up

Drivers travelling on ferries from GB to Ireland must check their customs channel on the Customs RoRo Service 30 minutes before arriving into Dublin or Rosslare ports. The customs channel will not be available before that as Revenue’s risk analysis process will be running while the ship is travelling between GB and Ireland.

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