Revenue says construction, agri, forestry and fishing businesses must take immediate Brexit action

Nov 23, 2020

Revenue are advising businesses who are not fully prepared for Brexit to take immediate action to avoid disruption to their international trade. Many businesses have followed Revenue’s previous advice, with 3,700 businesses registering for an Economic Operators Registration Identification (EORI) number since September. Ninety seven percent of Ireland’s export trade is with the UK, but according to Revenue, many businesses are still unprepared for 1 January, particularly those in the construction, agriculture, forestry, and fishing industries. 

Revenue’s press release sets out that its advice to take action “is backed by data that shows over 66% of construction businesses, and a similar level of businesses in the agriculture, forestry and fishing industries, who traded with the UK in 2019 and 2020 have yet to register for customs by getting an EORI number.”

Revenue’s advice is for businesses to be prepared for immediate impact on 1 January 2021.

The first step in being prepared is to register for customs by getting an EORI number. Every business should also:

  • have the facility to make customs declarations or have plans in place for a customs agent to do so;
  • look closely at and talk to the other key players in their supply chain;
  • know the origin and Commodity Code of the goods or products it is importing;
  • talk to the person who transports the goods or products to make sure they have the new information they need; and
  • consider alternative routes to EU markets.