ROS digital certificates

Nov 05, 2018

There may still be time to register as a ROS user and make a return by the Pay and File deadline of 14 November.  However anyone intending to generate a ROS digital certificate for the purposes of filing on line should do so as soon as possible given that it is a three step process. 

The following filers or taxpayers can become ROS users:

  • Any individual or entity with an Irish tax registration number already registered for a business tax e.g. Income Tax, VAT or Employers PAYE. Individuals who are registered for PAYE or Local Property Tax (LPT) only should register for myAccount
  • Tax practitioners with a valid TAIN number
  • LPT Receivers with a valid Receiver number

It is necessary to generate a ROS digital certificate in order to become a ROS user and the application process involves three steps.  Step 1 necessitating generating a ROS Access Number (RAN) which will be posted to the address on Revenue’s records.  Step 2 and 3 involve applying for and downloading the digital certificate. Revenue advises that digital certificate applicants should allow at least five working days to complete the registration process.